Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pizza Port Bressi Ranch "Soft" Opening/Grand Opening--San Diego Brewery Review

Outside Patio
Line to order pizza
Pizza Port Bressi Ranch
2730 Gateway Rd
Carlsbad, CA

  So, late today (5pm) I learned Pizza Port was FINALLY opening their Bressi Ranch location. I high tailed it over there as soon as I could and here are the pictures...

  The brewery onsite will not be up for another 2 or so weeks, but there are plenty of brews on tap from all of the other Pizza Port locations as well as Port Brewing and Lost Abbey.
  Credit card machines were down so they were taking cash only...didn't appear to be a problem for the hundreds of people there...Crazy crowded and the announcement never went out on their Facebook page or Website, pretty much word of mouth, Friday will be NUTS!
  They are currently running a contest for patrons to create the "Pizza Bressi". If your pizza creation is chosen you will receive a $100 gift card good at all Pizza Port locations and it never expires. 

1st floor beer line and taps
Looking from 2nd floor into brewery and canning

Looking down from 2nd floor at the fish tank

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