Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye

Bear Republic Brewing Co.
345 Healdsburg Ave.
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Bear Republic has some solid brews, most notably Racer 5 IPA. So when I had the chance to try something a little bit different I thought I would give BR a shot.

They did not disappoint...

Rye Specialty Ale (8%ABV)

Pours a clear dark amber, almost red. Forms a nice light brown 1cm head on initial pour. The head is formed with medium to large bubbles...very attractive head. Lacing is light but well distributed. A 1.5 cm head will reform easily with agitation.

I don't know if my smell sensors are busted today...but all I get here is some toasted malts, sweet and roasty.

Here is where this beer shines...Rye spices big and bold right up front which tend to linger and dance around the tongue. The malty sweetness that I smelled is apparent in the middle here. Although I didnt smell the hops they jump up and grab your tongue and hang on for dear life on the way down...

Full bodied. Heavy and thick on the tongue. A bit chewey like a good piece of rye bread.

This beer was my first foray into the Rye Beer category a couple of months ago. Originally, I thought this beer was bold and different. Since then I have had several other ryes and have taken the opportunity to review one of them here. After trying these other ryes I still stand behind my original thought that this beer is bold and unique. I believe it helps establish what beer should taste like if it wants to be classified as a Rye Beer. The bar is set, who will match or exceed it.

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