Saturday, January 7, 2012

San Diego Beer Review: Butchers Brewing Mucho Aloha Hawaiian Pale Ale

I reviewed one of Butchers Brewing beers a couple of days ago, saw this one at Sprouts today and picked it up. Still waiting to find out where they are located exactly... ;)

"Hawaiian" Style Pale Ale (5.6% ABV)

Appearance: Light caramel color, clear, low carbonation. Small, fast dissipating head < 2mm. No lacing on glass. Medium bubble size. 1mm head reforms on agitation but quickly dissipates.

Smell: Malty sweetness with a slight hint of nuts

Taste: The malts are definately prominent here, although there is a hint of hops at the top. Bitter when it first hit the tongue then the malts take over.

Mouthfeel: Drinks smooth with a slightly bitter finish. Doesn't coat the entire mouth.

Overall: Drinks smooth, a bit thin in taste and texture. However, I can picture drinking this on a hot and humid Hawaiian day and having it be very refreshing. If that is was they were going for then, in my opinion, they have succeeded.

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