Friday, January 20, 2012

San Diego Beer Review: Green Flash Brewing Le Freak

Green Flash Brewing Company
6550 Mira Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92121

I had the chance to taste Le Freak originally at the Belgian Beer Festival at Pizza Port in Carlsbad last year. I liked it at the time but wasnt sure if it was because of how different it was from a lot of what was being served there or if I was just hammered...

After trying it out of the bottle I would have to say that my original thought was correct, I liked it because it was different.

Le Freak (9.2% ABV)

Very frothy, has a tendency to pour with a large head, which is somewhat typical of most Belgians. The initial head was between 3-4cm with medium to large bubbles. Light caramel in color with a slight cloudiness. Upon agitation it will easily reform a head of approximately 3cm.

I definitely smell the sweetness of the Belgian yeast here. Even though I know the hops are there I dont seem to get any sense of them in the smell.

Carbonation dances on the tongue on the first sip. There is the slightest hint at the very front of the sweetness I normally assocate with a Belgian but the hops definitely take over from there...

The high carbonation gives a "bitey" feel on the outside of the tongue and on the palette. The bitterness grabs the tongue and hangs on for dear life.

It is different. Although it has a solid sweet Belgian nose, the normally associated sweet taste is minimal.  The hopiness comes through in the taste but not the smell.

If you like Belgians and IPAs, then this is a great marriage for you to try.

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