Sunday, January 15, 2012

San Diego Beer Review: Mission Brewing Shipwrecked Double IPA

Mission Brewery
1441 L Street

San Diego Ca 92101

Pulled this one out of the fridge to savor while watching the Green Bay/NY game today. I was pleasantly surprised by their standard IPA (see review here ) and was looking forward to trying this one.

Double IPA (9.25% ABV)

Dark caramel color, cloudy. Lots of medium to large bubbles forming a nice 3cm head. Great head retention with massive lacing.

Very flowery (sweet honeysuckle) with some citrus undertones

Malt sweetness up front with a bitter finish. No alcohol burn which is unusual for a Double IPA.

Coats entire mouth, lingers a bit but is not overwhelming.

Perfectly balanced with a brightness that helps bring out its flavors.Very refreshing for a Double IPA, none of the extreme bitterness or strong alcohol taste/smell that goes along with many Double IPAs.

After now reviewing two of Mission Brewing's beers, I am gaining a great amount of respect for what they are doing down there by Petco Park....I look forward to trying many more in the near future.

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